27 Best Apple Cyber Monday Deals: Save Up To 50% on AirPods, IPhones, MacBooks And More

If you’ve spent the last few weeks waiting for colossal sales on Apple products, you probably know by now that’s not the way Apple rolls. While there certainly have been a few interesting deals, Apple itself doesn’t really discount its products for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, leaving that to retailers. And this year, even those price breaks (with a few exceptions) have been modest. But the game isn’t over yet: Cyber Monday is here, and there are still some great deals to be had.

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There are still some solid deals available on Apple products during Cyber Monday sales.


One place to save some money is at Apple, as long as you set your expectations properly. While the Cupertino tech giant isn’t known for offering much in the way of discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can pocket some Apple gift cards with eligible purchases. Apple’s four-day shopping event—now in full swing—concludes on Monday, Nov. 30 and can earn you a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPhone, a $25 card for the Apple Watch or AirPods, and so on. Want to learn more? Scroll to the end of this article for details on Apple’s sales event.

Meanwhile, major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy have been discounting Apple products for weeks in the runup to Black Friday, and the sales on stuff like AirPods, iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks are still going strong. Unfortunately, the very best deals are over, and won’t be back this year. The AirPods Pro hit an all-time low price of $170, for example, at a couple of retailers, and sold out quickly. But there are still at least two dozen good deals in play.

Here are the best Cyber Monday sales on Apple products still running. And check back later, because we will update this story if new and better deals happen to materialize.

Best Apple Cyber Monday Deals: iPhones

Here are a few other iPhone deals happening right now:

Best Apple Cyber Monday Deals: AirPods and Audio

Best Apple Cyber Monday Deals: Apple Watches

Best Apple Cyber Monday Deals: iPads

Best Apple Cyber Monday Deals: Macs

Best Apple Cyber Monday Deals: MacBooks

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is on November 30th. Retailers started Black Friday sales very early this year—the first sale events were on November 3, and all the major stores had online and in-store sale events all throughout the month. But the current sales won’t last long.

Is there an Apple Cyber Monday sale?

Yes, Apple does have its own combination Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, but as usual, it’s more about offering Apple gift cards rather than lowering prices. This year, Apple’s four-day Black Friday event starts on Nov. 27 and runs until Nov. 30. Here are the major deals Apple has planned:

  • Get a $150 Apple Gift Card with the purchase of an eligible MacBook Pro.
  • Get up to a $100 Apple Gift Card when you buy an Apple TV and HomePod.
  • Get up to a $100 Apple Gift Card with the purchase of an iPad Pro or iPad mini.
  • Get a $50 Apple Gift Card with the purchase of an eligible Beats headphone.
  • Get a $50 Apple Gift Card with the purchase of an iPhone SE, iPhone 11, or iPhone XR.
  • Get a $25 Apple Gift Card when you buy an Apple Watch Series 3.
  • Get a $25 Apple Gift Card with AirPods Pro, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, or AirPods with Charging Case.

Where can I find the best Cyber Monday deals on Apple products?

You’re much more likely to find compelling deals on Apple products from major retailers than from Apple itself. Stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and others incorporate Apple deals into their Black Friday sales, and Amazon often matches those prices, giving you a lot of opportunities to save. In fact, right now Amazon has most of the best prices.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Retailer Guide

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