A Round of Wokejitos

Greetings from dry land, from a concrete jungle within the Deranged Dominion of Canada.

I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the Steyn At Sea adventure. The Alaska cruise was a once in a lifetime experience and it was also a learning opportunity. I learned about what the images on totem pole art represent and that was really very interesting. I learned that bears really dig their salmon sashimi! I was delighted to discover that Michele Bachmann is not just a graceful and intelligent lady, but a comic genius as well. She also made a point of introducing herself to me and my hubby and told us all about her efforts to rally Christians around the world to pray for Jerusalem. That was profoundly moving. We also saw and learned about a lot of wildlife, and spotted whales, sea lions, bald eagles and bears!

But perhaps most importantly, I learned that any efforts made by normal humans to outdrink Australians are utterly futile. Very educational! And many thanks to Peter D. for re-Christening (Judaizing?) the Crow’s Nest mojito the “Wokejito” in my honour.

Also! Mark Steyn is such a mensch, and such a wonderful host, and his entire team made sure everything was perfect. It was really fun meeting so many of you in person and I’d urge you to sign up now for the next cruise while there are still spots available!

(Among other amazing guests, the great Douglas Murray will be on board and he is Numero Uno on my “Pity He’s Gay” list of alpha gay males, not that I actually have, you know, like a real list of course, because I am a very boring, woefully cis-normative suburban Jewish mother, etc. But if I did have a list then he would be right at the top. OK I’ll stop now…)

Anyhoo, now is the time for a selection of various news stories and other internet sundry that has crossed my path over the past week or thereabouts. Enjoy (or not)!


North America:

Ontario lawyers push back and win. This is a victory for Free Speech. Back story here.

Actor Isaiah Washington walks away from the Democratic party.

Trudeau’s Syrian Refugees? Please, someone remind me why Canada “needs” refugees from certain hell holes on earth. I’m actually kind of shocked that the judge removed this poor girl. I hope she has a good life, away from the familial terror she experienced.


Israel and the Jews:

The sad history of Jews wanting to be the “cool” kids.


Jihad and 9/11:

Balls spotted on 9//11: Son of victim slams Ilhan Omar at 9/11 memorial event.

The media has a problem properly commemorating 9/11. Sadly, even Rudy won’t mention Islam in the context of 9/11.

The great Daniel Green observes how 9//1 has become just another day.

Why are Americans still wasting the lives of their children in an Islamic hellhole?



Head of European Jewry says “we’re not wanted here“. To which I say DUH!

Brexit: The Endless Tantrum.


Celebrate Diversity/All Cultures Are Equal:



The Insane, Humourless and Destructive Kook Left plus Trans:

In case you were wondering, no, “she” didn’t “cut it off”. You’re welcome!

The left loathes the disabled. I’m the mother of a profoundly disabled child. The term “mentally retarded” doesn’t offend me. The fact that the left would prefer to abort children like mine and consider them sub-human is more offensive to me.

Today, in Satan…

Evil ghouls.

Is nothing sacred? How heavy metal got woke.

As Mark Steyn has often said, the bigger the lie you are asked to swallow, the bigger the assault on your freedom. Hey you deplorables, stop noticing this is crazy!

Whoopi Goldberg takes issue with Debra Messing and Eric McCormack blacklist idea.

“The Dad” Who Gave Birth.

Nothing says “prove stigmas about sh&thole Islamic countries are wrong” like getting arrested and jailed in said Islamic sh&thole country.

Jerry Seinfeld directs the world to a great article about the Wokestapo.



“Florida man” threatens neighbour with nunchucks. Things do not work out as planned.

Creepily amazing, the wonders of cord blood donations.


Human Grace:

Rest in peace, Mr. Jones.


Toxic masculinity” my tuchus.

Making art more accessible to the disabled.

K-9 squad finds missing 3-year old with autism in minutes.

Boy bullied about a homemade logo he created has logo turned into official university logo. Take that, jerks!

And this last one goes out to all the progressive morons who insist there’s no difference between boys and girls/gender is a construct blah blah blah. Progressives: boys and girls are exactly the same! Boys: HOLD MY SIPPY CUP!

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