A Se’nnight of Steyn, August 7-13

Mark will have another audio edition of Steyn’s Song of the Week on Serenade Radio today, Sunday, at 5.30pm London time – that’s 12.30pm North American Eastern. You can listen to the show from anywhere on the planet by clicking the button at top right here.

In case you missed it, here’s how the last seven days looked to Mark:

~Mark once again started the week with a hop back in time to August 1922 in the Hundred Years Ago Show, reporting on one of history’s most devastating typhoons, Italian fascists and socialists duking it out, drama on New York’s airwaves and Rudolph Valentino playing a Spanish bullfighter on the big screen.

~Later Sunday, Mark commemorated singer Judith Durham’s death with a Song of the Week look at “Georgy Girl.”

~Mark revived a nine-year old column about Detroit on Monday as he and Mark Steyn Club members in the comments section pondered American decline.

~Mark returned to the telly Monday evening, beginning another week of live video editions of The Mark Steyn Show on GB News. On Monday’s show, he tackled the cost of living with Jasmine Birtles, the politics of emergencies with Sen. Alex Antic, diversicrats with Sophie Corcoran, and the spoils of empire with David Starkey.

~Mark wrote about the dirty stinking rotten corrupt US Department of Justice’s raid on Mar-a-Lago Tuesday, along with the FBI’s increasing political thuggery.

~On Tuesday’s programme, Mark celebrated a big win for a small village with Olga Matthias, delved into border enforcement (such as it is) with Patrick O’Flynn, exposed the cardiac coppers with Dr Tony Hinton, and went bananas about the banana republic with Michele Bachmann.

~The Mark Steyn Show’s set partially collapsed Wednesday, but the show went on with Vikki Spit on the social media Stalinists, Jamie Jenkins on the energy crisis, Alexandra Marshall on the Great Barrier Reef, and Yasmine Mohammed on female sacrifice.

~On Thursday, SteynOnline’s in-house Jewish mother Laura Rosen Cohen returned after days of scouring the internet for another batch of links, this week on America’s descent beyond banana republic, the corruption of medicine, and taking the bepenised out of women’s prisons.

~Mark closed out the GB News week Thursday night with Lois Perry and Sam Ashworth-Hayes on Conservatives and climate, Leilani Dowding on water, and Toby Young on the woke religion.

~Mark hosted another live Clubland Q&A Friday, fielding questions from Mark Steyn Club members around the world about the attack on Salman Rushdie, plus the Mar-a-Lago raid and Conservative Inc’s weak response, among other things.

~Rick McGinnis kept our Saturday night movie date with the South Korean war film Tae Guk Gi.

A new week at SteynOnline begins later this morning with a brand new edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show.

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