A Se’nnight of Steyn, July 15-21

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. For our Singapore readers, a happy Racial Harmony Day, which is apparently a real thing. From 50 years since the moon landing to Lindsay Shepherd’s expulsion from Twitter, here’s how the last week looked at SteynOnline.

~The week started with the conclusion of Mark’s most recent serialization, Erskine Childers’ The Riddle of the Sands. If you missed the series or wish to go back and re-listen to any of it, you can do so at the new Tales for our Time homepage. All of our previous titles are there as well for Club members to peruse. Stay tuned for a new audio adventure in the coming weeks.

~Mark’s Monday column took a look at the “warp speed” wokeness sweeping the American Left and the Democratic presidential primary.

~Mark’s Canadian colleague Andrew Lawton returned Tuesday with a guest column about the Canadian and British governments’ glitzy “media freedom” conference – replete with state censors and journalists being banned from press conferences, of course.

~Laura Rosen Cohen once again offered SteynOnline readers her round-up of stories you may have missed from around the internet. This week’s list included Twitter’s decision to vaporize Lindsay Shepherd’s account for the purported crime of “misgendering.” In case you missed it, Mark’s interview with Lindsay from last year can be seen here.

~Continuing the week’s woke theme, Mark Steyn Club member from Down Under Kate Smyth penned a piece about the corporate world’s increasing desire for wokeness and political correctness over productivity and respect for employees’ rights.

~The latest episode of The Mark Steyn Show dropped Friday, a compilation show starring Michele Bachmann and John O’Sullivan, filmed at sea aboard the inaugural Mark Steyn Cruise. The discussion looked at the clash between globalism and populism, and how this impacts immigration policy among other things.

~For this week’s instalment of Mark at the Movies, Kathy Shaidle wrote about The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, a wartime film more about honor and civility than war.

If you enjoyed this week’s episode of The Mark Steyn Show, you’ll love the live version aboard our cruises. We’ve got another sold-out voyage coming up in September, but next year’s Mediterranean cruise is still taking bookings and is set to be a blast, with special guests John O’Sullivan, Conrad Black, Douglas Murray and more to be announced soon. Our content is made possible by members of the Mark Steyn Club. If you haven’t already joined, consider doing so and perhaps even buying a gift membership for a loved one.