A Se’nnight of Steyn, November 25-December 1

SteynOnline turned seventeen this Thanksgiving, and to mark the anniversary there’s 17 per cent off all Mark’s books, CDs and more over at the Steyn store …but only until midnight Eastern on Monday night!

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here’s how the last seven days looked to Mark:

~The week began with Steyn tracing the link between the Black Sox Scandal, the punk band Cockney Rejects, the pre-Raphaelite painter Sir John Everett Millais, and one of the most popular boy’s names in Estonia.

~Mark’s Monday Notebook pondered the accelerating destruction of women’s sports, and the British police’s descent into bullying thoughtcrime commissars: it was our most read piece of the week.

Later on Monday Steyn joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the alternative universe of Elizabeth Warren. Click below to watch:

~In the wake of Monday’s Supreme Court ruling in the seven-year Mann vs Steyn case, Tuesday’s edition of The Mark Steyn Show saw Mark chewing over climate issues with Anthony Watts, proprietor of the world’s most read climate website, plus the two men who broke Mann’s hockey stick, Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick:

~On Wednesday Laura’s Links roamed the Internet and rounded up a slew of stories from Jews for Jihad to constabulary coiffures.

Later Steyn made a rare Wednesday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to celebrate the 2020 presidential candidates who never made it to, er, 2020:

~Thanksgiving found Mark offering his annual advice for defusing political tensions round the turkey, followed by his traditional Thanksgiving Day sampler.

~Black Friday’s 17-per-cent-off SteynOnline birthday bonanza was bookended by two telly appearances. Mark started the day at “Fox & Friends” talking Hong Kong and climate protests, and ended it guest-hosting America’s Number Two cable show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. He opened the latter with certain Democrat candidates’ doomed campaigns:

And he closed it out with a cheery thought for the weekend – the return of the Black Death:

~Steyn’s weekend column marked the twentieth anniversary of Australia’s republican referendum. His Saturday movie date recalled the peak of Michael Moore’s celebrity: Bowling for Columbine.

As mentioned above, on Monday the US Supreme Court declined to hear an interlocutory appeal in the Mann vs Steyn case by Mark’s co-defendants, so (as Steyn asked the court to order over six years ago) the matter will now be proceeding to trial – notwithstanding a withering dissent from Mr Justice Alito. There’s never been a better time to remind supporters of that 17 per cent off Mark’s two climatological bestsellers – Climate Change: The Facts and “A Disgrace to the Profession”: The World’s Scientists on Michael E Mann, his Hockey Stick and Their Damage to Science Volume I – and our exclusive range of stylish trialwear.

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Another week of print, audio and video delights at SteynOnline begins tonight with our Song of the Week.