A Throuple of Thoughts

On Friday I had the privilege of guest-hosting America’s Number Two cable show “Tucker Carlson Tonight“. The big news of the day was US Attorney John Durham’s expansion of the investigation into the phony “Russia investigation”: You can see what Andrew McCarthy had to say about that here. On a related matter, Gillian Turner and Buck Sexton analyzed the FBI’s outrageous entrapment of Michael Flynn: You can see our conversation on that here.

Next up was yet another foreign nation in which Hunter Biden coincidentally hit the jackpot as soon as his dad took an interest in the place. Emily Larsen joined me to discuss Hunter’s Romanian residuals. Click below to watch:

Then came Ryan Cleckner on the latest Democrat to go a-gun-grabbin’ – Elizabeth Warren:

For us old Fleet Streeters, the news that a politician with a German Iron Cross tattooed on her nether regions enjoyed bisexual three-ways would have been gold. Alas, in America it’s a Congressional ethics investigation. Trace Gallagher joined me:

We did a bit on Oxford University’s mandatory “jazz hands”, of which more here, before turning to a rather more sobering topic: Vancouver’s policy of “safe injection” sites for junkies is moving south of the border to Philadelphia. Erin Elmore was skeptical:

There’s good news and bad news for the environment. The ozone hole is closing up …but obviously we’re still all gonna die:

And we closed out the week as always counting down the top stories in Dan Bongino’s News Expolosion:

Thanks to all who tuned in: We very much appreciate it. You can watch the full edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” here.

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