Alyssa Milano extends an olive branch to Trump supporters – It doesn’t go well.

What was she thinking? Hollywood actress/activist Alyssa Milano decided to extend an olive branch to Trump supporters with a call for unity. The responses to her tweet produced exactly the reactions you would assume it would. Sorry, Alyssa, America isn’t ready to just move on.

This is just all so absurd, of course, but to a liberal bubble dweller, she is offering a magnanimous gesture. She’s ready to move on, you see, and she wants everyone to come together and sing kumbaya, or something.

To say the responses to her tweet were fast and strong is an understatement. It wasn’t just Trump voters who told her she’s barking up the wrong tree, either. Plenty of her fellow travelers on the left and far-left aren’t having any part of it. Trump supporters are racists and bigots and just refuse to change. This guy is a blue check fighting to end “capitalistic oppression”, according to his bio. Alyssa understands his opinion. Oh, yeah, he’s a teacher and a Democrat candidate, too.

He later tweeted: “Some of y’all trying to extend olive branches to people who would have strange fruit from a poplar tree.” The Billie Holiday song “Strange Fruit,” about the lynching of Black Americans, begins with the line: “Southern trees bear a strange fruit.”

Milano took note of Clark’s comments and responded: “I accept this criticism. And understand it. Thanks, Anthony.”

There has not been a change in Alyssa’s Twitter feed. She’s still going full speed ahead in cheerleading all thing liberal and Team Biden. She just wants to do some virtue signaling and feel good about herself after four solid years of some very hideous behavior towards President Trump and the GOP in general. Remember, in September she called for the entire Republican Party to be tried for treason over mostly unsubstantiated claims made by Bob Woodward in his most recent anti-Trump book.

“Trump knew the virus was deadly when he called it ‘the Democrat’s new hoax.’ He politicized a f–king pandemic because he knew taking it seriously would mean closing down the economy which would hurt his rich friends,” she wrote on Twitter at the time. “We must elect Joe Biden. He is our only hope. #BuildBackBetter.”

“The entire @GOP should be tried for treason. #TrumpKnewVoteBlue,” she continued.

There is no way in the world that Trump supporters are willing to just unite now with the left, people who have voiced hatred and threatened violence against them for the last four years. Their anger over losing the last election and their refusal to accept its results immediately began The Resistance and it’s still going strong. Memories are long and tempers are short. That isn’t going to change any time soon.

The crazy left may as well expect four years of some payback from Trump supporters.

You get the picture. It’s too little, too late from Ms. Milano. Joe Biden was a partner to Barack Obama in dividing the country for their eight years in office. Those divisions brought forth Donald Trump and his presidency. Now that the Democrats have won the presidency, suddenly the hate-filled left expects everyone to magically come together. This country hasn’t been together in years.

Not that I’m cynical of Milano’s grand gesture or anything but could all this have to do with her promotion of a new movie she’s produced and will be streamed on Netflix this holiday season? There’s a tweet pinned to the top of her timeline that advertises it. We see you, Alyssa.

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