An EIB Reunion!

On Tuesday Steyn was back with his old EIB comrade Mister Snerdley – James Golden – on Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour at New York’s legendary radio powerhouse 77 WABC. Topics ranged from the State of the Union and the state of human biology to Snerdley & Steyn on the high seas. Click above (or here) to listen in full.

~Mark’s departure from GB News continues to ripple through the UK media. Here are a couple more takes. First from Majid Nawaz:

If Ofcom were to be captured by the Globalist establishment, then GB News would have very little chance of being able to resist Ofcom pressure to avoid talking about vaccine injuries without being taken off air, or fined into oblivion.

And Ofcom is captured by the Globalist establishment.

Here is their page on the WEF website..

And here are details about the collaborative work Ofcom has done with the WEF on Digital Safety Online Censorship...

Our view has been stated clearly and openly: regulatory capture is an essential component of palace coups, and what you have all been witnessing since 2019 is nothing short of a global palace coup.

And here is Majid’s fellow defenestrated LBC presenter Katie Hopkins:

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And, if you’d like to join Snerdley & Steyn on the first post-Covid Mark Steyn Cruise, please check out more details here.

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