Biden the Centrist?

Karl Rove has a very interesting column on the Joe Biden–Bernie Sanders “unity task forces,” through which Biden’s purportedly centrist campaign will be put at least partly under the thumb of socialists from Senator Sanders’s orbit. Rove writes:

Many of the members picked by Mr. Sanders have extreme views. Varshini Prakash, a co-founder and executive director of the Sunrise Movement, which has led the push for the Green New Deal, serves on the climate committee. Sunrise wants to end fracking immediately, ban drilling in federal waters and on federal lands, prohibit exports of oil and natural gas, and set a 10-year timetable to phase out all oil and gas drilling permanently. This is a political middle finger to not only Texas, but Pennsylvania, too.

Other task-force co-chairmen are drawn from groups such as the National Immigration Law Center, which favors full access to welfare benefits for illegal aliens, and Demos, the think tank that works to make it harder for states to purge registration rolls of dead voters and former residents. The task-force chairmen and members also include outspoken advocates for Medicare for All, “free” college, student-debt forgiveness, defunding the Border Patrol and the bizarre but trendy Modern Monetary Theory. (Sanders appointee Stephanie Kelton says having its own printing press means the government doesn’t have to “worry about going broke.”)

Destroying the energy industry and trying to inflate away economic reality? That is familiar enough. Their agenda, in a word: Venezuela.

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