Black Lives Matter solidarity march in London is mostly peaceful (Update)

Several thousand people in London held a solidarity march today. It started in London’s Hyde Park.

There was supposed to be social distancing taking place, but as you can see that really wasn’t happening.

People marched through the city and gathered in Parliament Square.

Actor John Boyega, who appeared in the Star Wars sequels spoke to the crowd at one point.

The AP reports that Boyega asked the crowd to stay peaceful: “Because they want us to mess up, they want us to be disorganized, but not today.” But he’ll have to settle for mostly peaceful because there was a moment of chaos outside #10 Downing Street when the protesters started throwing things at police:

You might be able to make out that in the center/right of that scene, police appear to be arresting someone. Sky News reported things got out of control after one of the protesters punched a police officer:

Here’s video of how this happened.

Thinks returned to relative calm after that:

As of a few hours ago, most of the crowd had left but some journalists were chased out a few people were refusing to go home.

There were also some last minute scuffles with police:

As you can see in that last clip, it’s just getting dark now. We’ll have to see if things settle down or flare up tonight.

Update: NSFW language in this clip. He’s watching two police officers retreating from the crowd.

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