Bob Turner one, Obama Nothing

In a New York City congressional district where Democrats have a 3-1 registration edge and have held office for nearly a century, Bob Turner’s win took the nation’s temperature in it’s latest attempt to show Obama his policies are not what this country wants. Well placed affluent Jewish Dem.opponant Davis Wepin made a poor showing to Tuners’s stunning victory.

Turner, who had run and lost before, ran a limited campaign against Wepin to defeat Obama’s policies on jobs and the economy and pledged to reduce government by 35 %. What the New York voters heard, they liked. His win is the latest in a string of clear messages voters are sending to Washington that the administration is on the wrong tract.

“This message will resound for a full year. It will resound into 2012,” said Turner, a retired broadcasting executive. “I only hope our voices are heard, and we can start putting things right again.”

Weprin tried to adopt the strategy used by fellow Democrat Kathy Houchul’s in her victory in a heavily Republican New York district by stressing her commitment to protecting Medicare. This time the voter’s weren’t buying it.