Breitbart Speaks To Florida Conservatives At Presidency 5

Declaring war on “the main stream media” Brietbart is holding all who fail to report the truth about Barack Obama accountable. From those who continue to attack Sarah Palin to networks who carry the water for a government and a president the vast majority of this country has turned against and will not follow.

Reminding the audience of four thousand Florida Straw Poll voters, Brietbart says the days of media bias are over. “Anyone who has a camera phone is a journalist and can represent the truth better than the media who failed to bring to the American public the truth about Barack Obama and who he really is. He went on to say that Obama’s brand of socialism was what he had read about in college and never thought he would encounter much less personally fight as an adult.

Brietbart has become a speaker at conservative events and tea party rallies after becoming a  household name with his involvement with James O’Keef and his part in exposing Acorn. Since that time he has become committed to exposing and helping to bring into the light government corruption by personally speaking out and encouraging others to become activist as well. 

An engaging speaker he brought the Presidency 5 Straw Poll Voters to their feet many times with humor and personal charm that the crowd found refreshing.