Can Mohammad Morsi Be Trusted To Broker Anything?

“The enemy knows nothing but the language of force,” said Mohammed Badie, senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He goes on “Be aware of the game of grand deception with which they depict peace accords,”

The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t recognize Israel. Its members refuse to hold direct talks with Israeli officials. Because of this, Mohammad  Morsi seems a strange choice to be tapped by President Obama to broker a Palestine, Israel peace agreement.

Morsi has said he will abide by the terms of Egypt’s 1979 treaty with Israel, and many members of the Muslim Brotherhood say they are in little hurry to enter into armed conflict with the Jewish state.

Here in the U.S. Mohammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood  and Egypt’s role in brokering the peace accord is hailed has a corner stone in Hilary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary Of State. To our view it’s a bit like asking your mafia cousin Vinnie to watch the restaurant. – DSMW