Cancel Culture Bites Own Tuchus

Greetings and welcome another instalment of Laura’s Links. I have literally been slaving, slaving I tell you, over a steaming hot internet all week to make sure I provide you with a robust selection of links from around the world. I would have said it’s a “fat” edition, but I think it’s against the law nowadays to say fat. I guess I could say it’s a chubby, or zaftig edition? I dunno.

Regardless, there have been a lot of interesting things percolating around the web over the past week. And I love the word percolating, perhaps because I endeavour to be a reasonably perky lady. I also had a hard time keeping up with all the great stuff Mark himself put up this week-that spiffy Global Content Provider never sleeps! So do make sure to check out the excellent Clubland Q&A playback, Mark’s remarks on the passing of that rather ghastly politician, the anti-American French horndog Jacque Chirac and his particularly restrained and enlightening update on Dr. Michael E. Mann as relates to his case against Dr. Tim Ball.

Now away we go!


America and Western Civilization:

The great Victor Davis Hanson discusses the death of American citizenship.

Cancel culture bites cancel jerkoff right back, right in the tuchus. Can’t we finally cancel “cancel culture”? What if everyone just started to say “yeah, I wrote that, so what”. No apologies, no confessions, just “so what”.

A good phrase and spirited Twitter thread here on cancel culture’s “mutually assured cancellation“.

I really hate it when I have to agree with disgusting, scumbag Jew-haters, but these are strange times. Free speech means you are free to be an antisemite. So he’s an antisemite, so what? Really who cares? We Jews live in this nutter’s head rent free. Pathetic!

Great essay here from City Journal: The Elites Against Western Civilization.


Israel and Jews:

Yossi Cohen, the Mossad spy chief who stole Iran’s secret nuclear archives. As a friendly reminder, Yossi Cohen is his real name. So if the head of the Israeli Mossad is known and public, surely most cases made for internet anonymity must be at least slightly exaggerated. Feel free to disagree.

I definitely agree with this: Palestinian “solidarity” is the gateway drug to rabid anti-Semitism.

Here’s an excellent essay via the Gatestone Institute about how conducting normal relations with Israelis/Jews is a crime in much of the Muslim world. It’s actually really sad and pathetic. What a waste, to spend so much time hating and loathing. Palestinians selling real estate to Jews is a capital offense. There will be peace when Palestinians refrain from sentencing their own bretheren to the death penalty for selling property to Jews, and when saying hello to a Jew is not a moral or actual crime in Palestinian society.

A word about Israel’s flailing democracy.

What happened to the missing me, or ‘where do all the Jews go this month’. Cute.

Lastly: Jews! Fight back!


Middle East:

Celebrate diversity because all cultures are equal, blah blah etc…

Iran details family members of women’s rights activist. Barbarians.



What does one have to do to actually get deported from Sweden? What a hell hole it is. The extent to which Sweden and most European countries are perfectly comfortable sacrificing their women and children on the pyre of multiculturalism is absolutely disgusting. This is modern human sacrifice and it’s actually profoundly evil.

No wonder ethnic Swedes do not wish to live in Sweden.

Interesting: why the radical right is no longer the exclusive domain of an older European demographic. (I always question the use of the word ‘radical’, it seems very loaded to me in most cases.)

This one is devastating: America, please take Meghan Markle back. Ouch!!!

A fabulous interview by James Delingpole with the amazing Douglas Murray. I feel like I probably sufficiently fawned enough over Mr. Murray in a previous dispatch, but if anyone feels otherwise, I shall return to Über Fawning Fan Girl Yes I Know He Is Gay So What mode the next time I link to him.


The Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

In the UK, a doctor loses his legal battle against Big Trans.

In America, a teacher fired over transgendered pronoun fight (can you believe I actually wrote those words??????) files suit.

From the ever growing “what could possibly go wrong file”, NHS guidelines now allow biological males to stay on female hospital wards.

Picture my surprised face: George Soros emerges as a major funder of the global climate strike.

Pope Francis inaugurates massive migrant sculpture in St. Peter’s Square. Catholic peeps, help me out here!

Another “I can’t believe I am actually writing these words” item…Trans athlete claims lesbians are transphobic for not liking penises. I just re-read that line and I’m laughing out loud. I just can’t!

Person with brain tries to shame virtue-signalling rich people who think they can purchase a clean, green conscience. Amusing but pointless.

The Old Vic theatre goes woke. As per the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH’s (Pocket squares Be Upon Him) great line, we in the West will still be talking about transgendered bathrooms when the Iranian mullahs nuke us.

The Wokestapo faces a backlash from women at British schools.

Mom solves daughter’s “mystery illness”-school nurse inserted a birth-control implant in her daughter without parental consent.



Third grade student pen letters to G-d.

Nah, seriously don’t worry, nobody will ever notice!

How to set your Google data settings to ‘self-destroy’.


Human Grace:

Ohio 16-year old lifts 3,000 pound car off of his neighbour and saves his life.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence celebrate the lives of those with Down syndrome.

Husband plants thousands of fragrant flowers for blind wife. She emerged from a deep depression and from her home to enjoy the flowers. Ain’t love grand?

And lastly, some daily affirmations that we can all learn from.

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