Castro Wills Chavez To Live

There is no political relationship in the Americas quite like the tie between Fidel Castro and Mr. Chávez. Mr. Castro, who officially handed power to his younger brother Raúl in 2008, has been a mentor, spiritual and political father, savior, psychiatrist, and even bedside doctor to Mr. Chávez.

In return, Mr. Chávez has bankrolled Cuba’s government and given Mr. Castro occasion to dream again of a Latin America united against his bëte noire, the U.S., or as both men sometimes call it, “the empire.” Jose De Cordoba

Cuba has a lot at stake in Hugo Chavez health, which is not so good at the moment. 60% of the island’s oil comes from Venezuela and a major portion of it’s hard currency earnings is compliments of Venezuela’s aid. Venezuela’s army recruits heavily in Cuba and Cuban doctors, sports, technicians, security and intelligence personnel are routinely sent in return.

The relationship between Chavez and Fidel and Raul Castro is tight. Starting in 1995, it has grown into a tribute to Fidel’s Castro’s dream of a bastion of the Socialist experiment. With the death of Hugo Chavez that opportunity could slip away. – DSMW