Mommy Patriot

We've run into this Mommy Patriot a few times around town. It's great to see so many women involved with the movement.

Trey Stroud At the Tax Day Tea Party

We had a chance to meet with Trey Stroud at the Tax Day Tea Party 

Tax Day Tea Party Coverage Continues

Americans love their country.  The Tea Party has changed  since our visit to Washington on 9-12 a year ago.  It is now more organized...

She Has Firsthand Experience with Socialism

This woman from Nicaragua has left her country in order to be free. Will she have to seek freedom elsewhere?

We’re All Old Angry White People?

digg_url = ''; This thoughtful young man could be the beginning of a great future for not only the Tea party, but America...

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Tom Cotton says the US needs to know why China has so much influence...

Sen. Tom Cotton said on Friday that the United States needs to know why China has “so much” influence over the World Health Organization Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus amid the coronavirus outbreak. ...

Navy helicopters deliver respirators to protect crew aboard USNS Comfort

Navy helicopters are delivering respirators to health care crew members on board the USNS Comfort now treating patients in support of COVID-19 response efforts in the New York City area, Navy officials said.   ...

Cuomo: Economic reboot must account for second wave of coronavirus cases – POLITICO

Cuomo: Economic reboot must account for second wave of coronavirus cases  POLITICONew York posts negative net change in ICU admissions for first time since coronavirus outbreak  CNBCNew York now has more coronavirus cases than Italy and Spain  Daily MailNumber of Virus Patients in I.C.U.s Starts to Fall in N.Y.: Live Updates  The New York TimesStark...