Every Day Makes A Difference

He drove straight to the March after attending 9/11 ceremonies. He believes the "change" that is coming is that "We The People" will take...

Conservative California Cowboy

Even left leaning California has conservatives that fear the path this administration is taking.

She Wants To Be Free

Why does the government keep taking our money?

States Rights are American Rights

This patriot from Virginia believes that state government is better than a dictatorial national government. He's not the only one. We will attempt to improve...

Leave Us Alone

These two gentleman from Mississippi and Kentucky, respectively, want what government there needs to be to slow down, rethink everything and stop there intrusion...

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A Se’nnight of Steyn, October 14-20

Happy Election Eve to our Canadian readers. Mark had thoughts on the subject all week long, and will have more when polls close tomorrow. Meanwhile,...

Whoa. Trump cancels G7 Doral invite

A rare concession The post Whoa. Trump cancels G7 Doral invite appeared first on Hot Air. ...

More employers offer flexible hours, but many grapple with how to make it succeed

More businesses are offering flexible schedules but it doesn't always work. Some don't formalize policies or provide technology to make it seamless       ...