Big government is not the answer

He believes that it is the individualism of Americans that makes this country great.

Would you loan a baby money?

These two babies are $76,000 in the hole thanks to our government's policies. Boy are they going to be angry when they are old...

The first patriot of the day. Literally.

He started a tea party by himself standing on the side of the road. Now his party has over twelve hundred members.

Washington at night

There is nothing more majestic than our nation's capitol at night and no monument more striking than this one.  March coverage starts tomorrow.

Leaving for Washington DC

At the airport we ran across fellow Taxpayer March attendees. Here are just a few of them explaining why they are going to the...

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AOC to DHS chief: Border agents shared 'Photoshopped images of my violent rape' in...

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questioned Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan about the whereabouts of Border Patrol agents who threatened her in a secret Facebook group.        ...

Missing hiker Barbara Thomas’ husband swears innocence after failing lie detector

The husband of an Arizona woman who vanished during a hike in a California desert last week said that authorities consider him the prime suspect in her disappearance, but insisted on his innocence — despite flunking a lie detector test, according to a new report. Barbara Thomas, 69, got separated from...

Ex-con with mental issues named as suspect behind mass killing in Japan

The suspected arsonist behind the deadly fire at an animation studio in Japan was identified Friday as Shinji Aoba, who served time in prison for robbery and has been treated for mental-health issues, according to reports. Shinji Aoba, 41, carried out the attack at the Kyoto Animation building in Tokyo, killing...