The first patriot of the day. Literally.

He started a tea party by himself standing on the side of the road. Now his party has over twelve hundred members.

Washington at night

There is nothing more majestic than our nation's capitol at night and no monument more striking than this one.  March coverage starts tomorrow.

Leaving for Washington DC

At the airport we ran across fellow Taxpayer March attendees. Here are just a few of them explaining why they are going to the...

Marco’s Long March

This first appeared in The American Spectator By Larry Thornberry 7.27.09 TAMPA -- The race for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate seat Mel Martinez is...

Latest article

Who Needs the Plague?

October Surprise? Looks like we're gonna need a bigger face mask: Panic has swept across China's Inner Mongolia province after a second bubonic plague lockdown was enforced, two days after the first, as whole villages are sealed off. That's usually ...

Robin Williams’ Daughter Slams Eric Trump Over Biden Video

Robin Williams' daughter has blasted Eric Trump for sharing video of her late dad poking fun at Joe Biden. The clip features Williams mocking Biden in a 2009 HBO special "Weapons of Self Destruction," Fox News reported. ...

Hong Kong media company Next Digital sees shares surge after founder Jimmy Lai’s arrest

Hong Kong-based media firm Next Digital saw its stock price explode Monday after authorities arrested its dissident founder. Next Digital’s shares surged as much as 344 percent as investors showed solidarity with Jimmy Lai, the pro-democracy mogul who was cuffed Monday under Hong Kong’s new national security law. The stock initially...