Christians Only

indichristOh, Indiana, as if we didn’t need a reason not to visit…

Most of the fervor over Indiana’s religious non-discrimination discrimination legislation has centered primarily on the rights of straight Christians to deny service to gay customers. This makes for colorful headlines that have mainly focused, oddly, on gay weddings. Which begs the question: who knew Indiana was anyone’s wedding destination, gay or straight?

Yet homosexuality gets little mention in the Bible when compared to that of other faiths. If some of the Christians in Indiana want to discriminate based upon their faith, then they should have to discriminate equally amongst what the Bible says is a heresy, an abomination, an affront to God, etc. Not that Indiana is a metropolitan melting pot, but that means saying “goodbye” to customers of other faiths, single mothers, adulterers, liars, money lenders and about ninety percent of all of their business. But as Americans their “rights” trump reason every time.

If these Christian business owners are truly people of faith, they should have no issue in only serving other Christians. In fact, they should relish the opportunity to practice commerce in the name of the Lord. And, conversely, they will have no one to blame when they eventually close their doors because it was all God’s will.

Meanwhile it will matter to little to the rest of us who were never their customers in the first place.