Citizen Cain, Don’t Worry About Christie

This year I had the honor to be a part of the Florida Straw Poll. Being one of many Straw Poll voters representing Hillsborough County I saw firsthand the excitement Herman Cain can inspire.

Cain, along with the other GOP candidates, spoke to the 3,400 plus voters over a three day period. Each time Cain spoke his message went to the heart of each person. Whether or not you were for Cain, he was a consideration in your choice of candidate. Every GOP representative there from Perry to Ron Paul was formidable, but Herman had the crowd. When he took the stage it was riveting. Rick Santorum who had the bad luck to follow Cain quipped “he was going to fire his campaign manager for scheduling his speech after Cain’s.” No speaker can follow the excitement Herman Cain creates.

Herman Cain’s rapid rise in business in 1970 starting with Coca-Cola in Atlanta. He  quickly moved to Pillsbury in Minnesota. In the the 80’s Pillsbury tapped Herman to take over their stumbling hamburger business at the age of 36. In 1986 Pillsbury sent Cain to turn around Godfather’s pizza. Cain bought Godfathers pizza from Pillsbury in 1988 and ran it until 1996 when he served as CEO of the National Restaurant Association. Learn more about Herman Cain’s accomplishments here at The New Voice. 

Herman Cain is all America. What he has Chris Christie can not match. Cain has not run a state, but we here in Florida have learned from Governor Rick Scott that this fact does not matter if you know how to run a successful business and Herman Cain has done that in spades. Cain has faced the unions, dealt with Bill Clinton’s version of healthcare and more importantly he is not part of the Washington establishment. 

The Florida Straw Poll voters did not want to go out on a political limb, but they could not help themselves when they met Herman Cain. Watch out America you are about to meet the Herminator. –  DSMW