Clifford the Big Red Dog with Lesbian Neighbors

Hi again and welcome to another edition of Laura’s Links. But before we dive into the links, I need to give you a very special update! I just received an encrypted message via an excitable carrier pigeon wearing a MAGA hat from the Steyn HQ underground bunker in New Hampshire right to my suburban Toronto home! Word is that Mark will be guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh tomorrow, Wednesday, March 4 from 12pm to 3pm EST. All of us here on Team Steyn send our prayers and very best wishes to Rush.

There’s tons of stuff that Mark is dying to talk about, from the Geezer Apocalypse of the Democratic party, to coronavirus and his Hubba Hubba Hijab pin-up babe. So be sure to tune in for three full hours of full strength, undocumented radio bliss from the most Unwoke Bloke in Bespoke!

Friends, I guess this is the official coronavirus edition because I have spent most of the week trying to figure out if I should be panicking or carrying along with life as usual, albeit with increased hand-washing vigilance. I can actually make a case for both scenarios, which is uncharacteristic of me and my usually decisive self. For what it’s worth, I did throw out the garlic from China that Mr. C bought at the grocery store a couple days ago and I would not be broken-hearted if this epidemic blew up a lot, errr…most….okay all of our manufacturing dependence on China.

Other than hand washing, I’m not sure about what other non-insane precautions I should be taking. But one thing is for sure though, this Beeeeg Satan-Zionist Daughter of Pigs and Monkeys-Ingrate Infidel is not taking Iranian clerical medical advice on this pandemic. So sue me. Unfortunately, it appears that stupidity, along with coronavirus, remains epidemic and global as well. But for real and not for joking: regular potato or sweet?

Mark Steyn, as you can imagine, has some thoughts about COVID-19 as well. As a temporary reprieve from virusmania, Mark doled out a whopping scoop of wisdom in his latest video edition of Mark’s Mailbox. And, most importantly, he did this wearing a tasteful colour palette that complemented the set and his ginger complexion so perfectly! Nicely played, Mr. Unwoke Bloke in Bespoke! Another pivot away from the gloom and doom of politics was found in his lovely essay on Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Friends, I know it’s really crazy out there. But if intrusive thoughts of coronavirus get you down, animals riffing to George Michael could be just the tonic. Try it, you’ll like it. Now let’s get started.


North America:

Wise words from Tucker Carlson: “Wokeness is a cult, they’d let you die before they admitted that diversity is not our strength.”

Speaking of that cult: gender-neutral passports could soon be available in America.

The great Rex Murphy on Canadian PM Hairdo: “We don’t have a government in Ottawa; we have an Instagram page with executive authority. And it is a disaster, not because it is Liberal, but because it is led by a dilettante play acting the part of prime minister.” Ouch.

Heartache! The left dumps Never Trump.

Oy to the Vey! Via a very special friend with deep ties to Montreal…Behold, one of Quebec’s not so attractive old-new Jew problems.

Jewish student (of the left) leaves CUNY law school after being a target of anti-Semitic harassment.

OMG America! Please stop being stupid dhimmis about this! Wake up! US Navy resumes flight training for Saudis. WHY????

AMERICA! Stop breaking my heart with this abject and abusive stupidity. I can’t take it.

Meanwhile in Canada…

YUGE: Trump campaign targets voters in 15 black communities.

Mini-Mike is in big trouble: when Spongebob Reddit turns on you, it’s over. This may be the greatest political index ever, EVAH EVAH!


Formerly Great Britain:

From Katie Hopkins: there is no free speech in the U.K.


Sweden and Europe:

The victimized children of Sweden.

For the “Shoot the Messenger” file via my pal Andrew Lawton, file: Ryanair boss in trouble for stating the obvious.



Woman uses tiny cut-out to buy the “right” shoes online. Ladies: you’re welcome.


Israel and Jews:

Asking the important questions: is spaghetti bolognese Jewish?

Why is “honour your parents” the Bible’s hardest commandment?

From Chabad: nine simple ways to perform acts of kindness.

Uncle Bernie’s anti-Semitism problem.

Very big news, if true: Vatican to open up archives of Pope Pius XII.


Kook and Humourless Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Deviant adults for some reason MUST “perform” in front of children. And is it just me or are these targeted children mostly white, and the parents dragging them to these ghastly grooming events mostly single women? What’s up with that?

I hate it when this happens.

Speaking of trans…. (thirty minutes but well worth every minute).

Rush Limbaugh on the basics of liberalism for new listeners (read the whole thing, so good).

The psychotic and aggressive hostility of progressive psychology.

“Sue, you’re shouting at tea!”

Trans is the new Get Out of Jail free card.

I hope she sues them into oblivion. Oblivion. This madness will only stop when they all go belly up.

Is nothing sacred? PBS’s Clifford the Big Red Dog reboot features new and improved woke family change-two mommies. As Douglas Murray puts it, we must now agree that they are not just equal to you boring heterosexual, stuffy, squaresville, sleepy-headed duds, they are better than you!


Human Grace:

UK actress decries abortions of Down syndrome babies.

Holocaust survivors find joy in fighting poverty.

Three hundred people pack courtroom for boy’s adoption.

Two year-old girl with Spina Bifida receives very special Barbie doll.

It’s good to have an attitude of gratitude.

The US Food and Drug Administration approves robotic Israeli standing wheelchair.

When life throws a curveball at you, just Shake It Off.

Now let’s hear your comments, away you go!

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