Coronapocalypse Now

Hello one and all and welcome to the official coronapocalypse edition of Laura’s Links, unless they all become coronavirus editions going forward. I am not going to drone on about the virus here because I have a special little section below called “Murderous Barbarian Chinese Communist Wuhan Coronavirus” for your virus update edification. I can report that Toronto is pretty much a ghost town, and that I cannot keep up with the various public health “updates” that keep filling up my inbox from every direction imaginable. Is there some kind of enormous big, gazillion dollar prize being awarded for Most Caring Coronavirus E-Mail Update that I am not aware of? Just a thought because the verbiage is getting out of control with “caring,” but the actual nuggets of information are pretty minimal as far as I can discern. It’s also just a general downer, with no end in sight.

Fortunately for all of us, Mark Steyn, his very big brain and lovely unwokey and fully bespokey self are not in self-isolation, so he was able to share a lot of interesting new food for thought with us. You’ll never crave Bat Soup or Pangolin Pot Pie again after you review Mark’s Magnificent Morsels from the past week. He talked to Tucker Carlson about the Big Shut Up, put up a brand new Mark’s Mailbox, spoke to John Oakley about various current affairs and shared this lovely new Song of the Week with us.

Now let’s take a look at some of the stories and themes from around the internet throughout the past week. Take good care of yourselves!


North America:

Please remind me why we “need” immigrants such as this grotesque barbarian here in Canada. Asking for a friend.

Free speech librarian in Toronto digs her heels in deeper in defence of free speech.

What would we do without “experts”?

Joe Biden promises to pick a female VP. One with groovy smelling hair.


Murderous, Barbarian Chinese Communist Wuhan Coronavirus:

A view from Italy.

Israeli virologist urges world leaders to calm the public, slams unnecessary panic.

More dithering in Canada. Oh, wait….finally. Mark noted on the Rush Limbaugh Show Monday that PM Hairdo wants Canadians to come home, and when he says that for some reason I hear “MARK COME BACK TO TORONTO.” I guess it’s just me? Is it just me? Is it hot in here?


VDH urges calm in the war against coronavirus.

This seems to be not a small thing.

Here’s something Mini Mike could spend a billion on and actually make a real difference to America.

ISIS tells terrorists not to travel to Europe due to #ChineseCoronavirus.


Israel and Jews:

Bernie’s Imam“: the rest is commentary.

Kook commie Bernie snags the critical and coveted Jews for Jihad endorsement.

Bbbbut Israeli apartheid!!!


Today in Satan:

Godless Europeans rule against Christian midwives who refuse to murder babies.


Middle East:

Saudi Arabian writer asks if Islam is really the answer.

Iranian barbarian assaults a woman shamelessly in broad daylight. Fortunately, his target was no shrinking violet.


Formerly Great Britain:

This tweet had video of a chief of police stuttering when asked about the victims of Pakistani Muslim rape gangs. I see that the account has been suspended, but the reply comments are still there. If I recall from the video, it said that police had 40 years of records on these assaults.

More quaint multiculturalism in the UK because diversity is our strength of course.


Kook and Humourless Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

A bit of good news from the United Kingdom: a small serving of fighting back. Delicious.


Human Grace:

Rest in Peace Paul Caplan, “Sherlock Holmes of the human body.”

Three-year old with Down syndrome inspires game-changing organ transplant law.

Five-year old rings the cancer-free bell after three-year battle.

Can we stop talking about “toxic masculinity” yet? Thanks.

When friendship saves your life before you die.

In Israel, fashion is for everyone, including those with disabilities.

The Dead Sea Marathon miracle.

When beautiful things happen in bad situations. Here and here are well.

IDF soldiers raise the spirit of a little girl who couldn’t get to the Jerusalem Marathon.

Now off you go to comment. And from all of us here at Steyn HQ, stay safe and well one and all.

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