Coronavirus Hospitalizations In New York Drop Significantly For Fourth Day In A Row

Major Cities In The U.S. Adjust To Restrictive Coronavirus Measures

Social distancing is successfully “flattening the curve,” Cuomo said.

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Topline: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press conference on Wednesday that even though his state saw its single biggest daily increase in coronavirus deaths, social distancing measures are successfully “flattening the curve,” as the total number of new hospitalizations has decreased over the last four days.

  • Deaths in New York hit another one-day high, with 779 reported on Wednesday, bringing the total number of casualties to 6,298.
  • “The number of deaths, as a matter of fact, will continue to rise as those hospitalized for a longer period of time pass away,” Cuomo explained, calling the news “not just bad but terrible.”
  • “There is good news,” Governor Cuomo said, pointing to a decrease in hospitalizations and a lower number of new infections than originally projected. “What we are doing is actually working and making a difference,” he said.
  • Social distancing and lockdown measures across the state have paid off, the governor said: “It is flattening the curve so far.”
  • The number of new patients hospitalized has declined significantly—with the last four days marking the lowest numbers in almost two weeks, and the number of daily patients admitted to intensive care is also down, Cuomo said on Wednesday.
  • He predicted that the coronavirus outbreak could “stabilize” within weeks, if the hospitalization rate “keeps decreasing the way it is now” and New York continues to adhere to strict social-distancing policies.

Big number: The global epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, New York has more than 140,000 confirmed cases.

Crucial quote: “If we continue doing what we’re doing then we believe the curve will continue to flatten,” Cuomo said on Wednesday. “But it’s not a time to get complacent,” he warned. “We have to remain diligent, we have to remain disciplined going forward.”

Crucial statistic: The number of new coronavirus patients getting hospitalized only increased 3% since Tuesday, compared to the average 25% increases during the last few weeks.

What to watch for: When asked to look back on the start of the crisis in retrospect, Cuomo chided reporters for counting their chickens before they hatch: “Don’t start doing your retrospective like it’s over, because that’s the attitude we have to avoid.” He predicted that there will be more confirmed cases still appearing in both upstate New York and Long Island. “We’re not through, it’s not over,” Cuomo said. “We are still in the midst of it.”

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