Coronavirus, Zionavirus

Greetings and welcome to the pre-Purim edition of Laura’s Links. Yes, another Jewish holiday where we celebrate the fact that ‘we won, they lost, now let’s eat’. I am filing this column literally up to my elbows in flour as I make hamentashen, and my ever so delicate hand-model mom hands are getting a real workout putting together the requisite little packages of yummy things to deliver to friends via an intermediary. Said intermediary of course, is one of my children and yes, I am a fan of slave labor thanks for asking.

My gracious host Mark Steyn PBUH (Pocket squares be Upon Him, ameeeeeen, ameeeeen) has been so busy lately! He’s been hunkering down in his solid granite man cave, with all his many, many Big Thoughts! I don’t know the square footage of the cave, but frankly, it’s got to be YUGE to have enough room for the great prophet and all of his ideas. He had so much going on this past week! He guest hosted twice for Rush Limbaugh, spoke to John Oakley (hilarious stuff), did a fantastic live Q&A, and penned another lovely Song of the Week, among other things!

Mark! If you need a change of pace, and want to party with a bunch of drunk Jews dancing around while celebrating the destruction of an ancient anti-Semitic enemy in the same location where there is a current anti-Semitic enemy, just say the word. There’s still time! Call me for the secret ZOG handshake and password!


Anyway, aside from Purim preparations and Mark’s big brain, I suppose there are a few other moderately interesting things happening around the world, so let’s take a look at what has been percolating throughout the internet and the news cycle over the past week.



Pompeo rips the UN Human Rights Council a new one.

Where’s Hunter? Hustling for a gig teaching law.

Comrade Bernie loooooooves Cuba.

Rosalind P. Walter, the original Rosie the Riveter, has passed.

The curious activity of George Soros in Virginia.

Yeah, definitely bipartisan consensus on this.



Good news! China is looking for the real culprit. There’s an OJ joke somewhere in here.

While they search and hide stuff, Jack Posobiec found something interesting.

Canada creates a committee to have a national conversation or something about the virus. That should do it!

Is the coronavirus mortality rate lower than we think?

Thanks, China, for all your help and for this magnanimous sacrifice.

Oddly, Iranian leaders seem to be hardest hit. Have they blamed Da Joooz yet? Asking for a friend. (Editors note: They have.)

A lecture on coronavirus(es), past and present. More here.

VDH: It’s what we don’t know that scares us.

Some facts.

Rush asks why Democrats and the leftist media are toning down their criticism of President Trump and the Orange Virus Man Bad theory of the coronavirus.


Israel and the Jews:

History geek out: researcher identifies caves where the Jews fought the Romans in the Galilee.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center reveals the names of 12,000 Nazis that fled to Argentina.

My Idiot People: When Jews equate leftist policies with repairing the world. Repairing the world is actually not one of the 613 commandments. Just sayin’…

Melanie Phillips: the post-modern anti-Jewish reconfiguration of the West.

The “happy baby” guru brings his spiel to Israel. Babies!!

More from My Idiot People: when Jews are dumb and of the left, they are truly dumber than a bag of hammers. I have other things to say, but I’ll leave it at that for now.



Sweden is doomed.

The U.K. is screwed.


Kook and Humourless Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

Comrade Bernie is really a massive, fossilized turd of a hypocrite, a control freak and a spoiled brat kook.

Twitter bans and then reinstates NY Post writer Jon Levine for exposing socialist hypocrite.

Woman with moustache wants to be listed as “father” of her baby.

“The kids are ready.” Okay sure, nothing to see here. No creepy agenda, carry on.

Your betters in higher education: MIT celebrates the politicization of knitting.


Human Grace:

“I always say the good Lord has been very good to me”: Single Mom, aged 100, continues to take care of her Down syndrome son.

Eleven-year old girl receives an R2D2 bionic arm and a bonus call from Mark Hamill.

Four-year old Iowa girl regains her vision after losing it to flu.

Iwo Jima hero, aged 96, has a new US warship named after him. The USS Hershel ‘Woody’ Williams was commissioned Saturday in Norfolk, Virginia, with the World War II veteran present.

Baby born with only one leg gets prosthetic one and promptly starts to dance.

See y’all post-Purim! Now away you go to comment.

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