Culturalism does not equal Racism

The American government, military and media have gone out of their way to emphasize that we are not at war with Islam. Even our hero, Jon Stewart, will put down the snark long enough to appear inclusive and accepting while making the rest of us feel just a little smaller for our implied racial biases. Message received, Oh Funny One.

Mr. Stewart, et al, the majority of Americans, and the rest of the First World, do not fear, dislike or downright hate Muslims because of the color of their skin. Nor is it fear of the different and unknown. The animosity comes down to culture.

It is time to stop apologizing for finding many aspects of Islamic culture backward, repugnant and detrimental to the evolution of humanity.

Lest you think us too harsh:

Name any Islamic nation that excels at anything that betters humankind. Better yet. Name an Islamic country in which a woman, your wife or daughter, could live a safe prosperous life of her own choosing. Name a Muslim country you would pick up and move to.

It is not a matter of race. It is solely a matter of civilization.