Dancing Off The Cliff

It’s hard to keep focused on the financial cliff when there is genuine entertainment out there that’s really fun and uplifting for the 47 per-centers and the people who actually care but who have grown weary of political posturing.

In a post election world where Melissa Raycroft, the underdog favorite, wins Dancing With The Stars All Stars and the arrest of Lisa Robin Kelly, who starred as Topher Grace’s sister on” That 70s Show” floods the spotlight, it’s hard to get serious about anything. ( I have to admit Kelly is a looker and a second round of being busted and jailed is well, noteworthy… )

Maybe this is what Obama had in mind when he spent so much time in Hollywood and on The View. It wasn’t because it was Michele’s favorite show but rather he realized early on that it’s all entertainment. It no longer matters if your’e right or wrong ( He has spent four years showing the American public this is the case. ) but something more. It’s about production. It’s all about the show.

When the President says to a breathless room of Democrats that “the next four weeks could define the next four years.” What does that really mean? The country has no clue. 

When the voting electrate picks up the paper or goes online and reads that members of both parties need to agree that any fiscal-cliff agreement deal would be linked to a broader budget agreement involving both tax increases and cuts, to what? Remind me what we are cutting again? I know I have heard this before but how does Sean Taylor fit into all of this?