Debate moderator Steve Scully had an odd exchange with Anthony Scaramucci and now claims he was hacked (Update: Account deleted?)

At this point we don’t know if there’s going to be a second presidential debate. Allahpundit will have more on that situation shortly, but yesterday something odd happened which called into question the impartiality of planned debate moderator Steve Scully. Scully tweeted this brief message to Anthony Scaramucci:

That really is interesting. Why is the debate moderator asking a vocal Trump opponent for advice? Scully’s tweet has since been deleted but Scaramucci’s response is still up:

You probably noticed immediately that this doesn’t sound like a conversation that was intended for public consumption. It sounds like there was an ongoing private conversation between the two of them and at some point Scully accidentally sent a public tweet instead of a private DM. The fact that Scully later deleted the tweet only adds to the suggestion that this wasn’t supposed to be public in the first place.

Scaramucci’s answer hints at future political hits, i.e. more things that are circulating privately but aren’t known publicly yet. He’s basically saying, you don’t need to respond to Trump because the resistance is going to hit him with something. Again, none of this sound like something you say to someone in public, out of the blue. It sounds like part of an ongoing private conversation.

Was there more to this either before or after Scully’s tweet? We don’t know but it raises plenty of questions. And today the story took another twist. Scully is apparently now claiming that he was hacked. That’s what Commission on Presidential Debates co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf is telling people:

No direct knowledge. So what is this claim based on then? C-Span is also repeating this now:

Scully “believes” his account was hacked.

Forgive me for being very skeptical but I’ve heard this excuse before from progressives who get in trouble online. Remember when Anthony Weiner claimed his Facebook account was hacked? We all know how this story ended:

In 2018, Joy Reid claimed her blog was hacked by some unknown person who inserted comments critical of gays into her blog. She even reported the hack to the FBI (so she claimed). That excuse was good enough for MSNBC obviously, since they recently promoted her, but I didn’t buy it then and still don’t.

For his part, the Mooch is fully satisfied with Scully’s explanation and considers him an “objective journalist.”

Sean Spicer is also backing Scully’s hacking claim:

One person who is not taking Scully at his word is President Trump:

Again, the fate of the 2nd presidential debate remains uncertain at this point but I don’t see how you can go forward with Steve Scully as the moderator. The only way I’ll believe he was hacked is if Twitter publishes documentation proving it happened and specifically identifying who did it. It could happen. If he was genuinely hacked it should be easy for Twitter to provide documentation. Short of that, Scully just blew up his credibility and needs to step aside.

Update: He’s made this claim at least twice before. “…darn those hackers.”

Update: Does anyone on the debate commission actually support Trump?

Update: Something is happening…Maybe this is part of a Twitter investigation? Or maybe this is just panic?

This has been referred to the FBI by the commission on debates. But don’t forget the co-chair already said he has no direct knowledge. So Scully reported to them and they reported to the FBI and now everyone is looking into it. Maybe that has something to do with the account going down.

Update: Well, I guess that’s the end of it.

Scully’s account is still down. I wonder if we’ll ever get a definitive answer on this alleged hacking now.

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