Devolution in Mozambique: Murder in Maputo

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Devolution in Mozambique


A lawyer may have been killed for legitimising devolution

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Killed for an idea

Killed for an idea

GILLES CISTAC had just finished his breakfast at a popular café in central Maputo on March 3rd when unidentified assailants in a passing car shot him dead. An expert in constitutional law, Mr Cistac had recently said there was a legal basis to demands from the main opposition party for the devolution of political power. His assassination has exposed a fierce power struggle within Frelimo, the ruling party, between the former president, who remains head of the party, and his successor. It also reveals a tussle between Frelimo and the opposition over the proceeds of new gas reserves in the opposition-supporting north.
Frelimo has kept a tight grip on power in the capital ever since the country’s independence in 1975. Yet it has struggled to mend relations with Renamo, a former guerrilla …<div class="og_rss_groups"></div>