Dishonorable Disclosures: How Leaks And Politics Threaten National Security

Our Navy Seals and Special Operations work hard and give their lives and their families to keep this country out of harm’s way. Their selfless commitment to the tenets of liberty are the very fabric this country is made of.

In this incredibly powerful video Senior CIA, FBI, Military and many other U.S. government intelligence officials describe for the viewer how Obama has compromised U.S. national secrets and the very serious consequence of those actions

This video is a personal request to President Obama to stop the White House leaks made for personal gain. 

The events that have transpired in the middle East over the last several weeks are in direct response to the reckless disregard this administration has for the safety of our military and military contacts made abroad.

This video is a personal appeal to everyone who sees it to speak out. – DSMW