DNA Evidence Conclusive on Sofitel Maid’s Clothes

M. Strauss-Kahn’s troubles only continue to deepen as DNA evidence taken from the Manahattan hotel maid’s blouse show a semen match to that of the attacker.

The unfolding story shows a terrified hotel maid huddled in the Sotifel hallway after being attacked by Strauss Kahn. She was crouching in a corner consoled and surrounded by co-workers as Strass-Kahn left his room and walked past the frantic group in the hallway. The details to emerge tell of M. Strauss-Kahn looking at her and their eyes meeting for a brief moment as he walked past to take the elevator to the first floor.

The 32 year old housekeeper tells of being chased down the suite’s hallway, forced to perform oral sex and fighting as her attacker tried to remove her stockings. She was able to escape and the rest is IMF history.

As an interesting aside, MAILonline reported Tuesday that the victim’s family in Guinea, West Africa was offered money by Strauss-Kahn’s associates to make the rape case disappear.