Do You Respect Local Government?

If you have read our stories on our local government here in Tampa, you probably know that our feelings towards our local politicians borders on contempt. Yes it is a cliche to resent the DMV and the quasi-governmental Post Office. We’re talking about the average meat sacks that can be found clogging up any city or county building in any city across this country.

Do you think about them? What they are getting paid? What their benefits are? The fact that we, as citizens, are forced to pay them. Is the work they do commensurate for what we taxpayers actual get?

Thank you for an example Governor Christie

We have this idea that more than a quarter of local government is expendable. What do you think?

FOLLOW UP: If we are paying these people and paying for these people, shouldn’t there be health criteria that public employees must meet? How many “Jerry” and “Donna” sized people have you encountered when dealing with you local government?