Does Choice of Smartphone Denote Party Affiliation?

Apple iPhone 5. Google Nexus 4. Samsung Galaxy S3. Chances are you’re surfing the net on one right now or you hope to be soon. It’s a safe bet. It’s also safe to say that you have pretty strong feelings about the handset you use. And why not? Your phone is with you constantly, you paid dearly for it and in most cases, you’re legally bound to it for two years. Face it, your phone is your significant other. So it is understandable (though a little weird) that phone choice has become just as politicized as most choices are these days.

Say the words iPhone, iPad or iMac to a group of three or more people and you’re likely to hear a groan or get an eye roll from one of them. Apple went from mocked underdog of the 90s to resented overlord of today’s pop culture. Funny, but you know you’ve had at least one of these (or similar) Apple vs ______ argument:

The Nexus 4 has quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor. Android 4.2 is so much better than iOS 6. The Galaxy S3 has a better flash. I’d have to jailbreak my iPhone to get it to do what I want. iPhones are toys. I’m a power user. Google is for geeks like me. I hate Steve Jobs”

These are sentiments we have heard, when out and about in social circles. Yes, we do engage in non Petraeus / Jill Kelley activities. Not many, but some.

Here are a few of our observations as to who uses what around here:

Ice Cream Sandwich? Jellybean? Only men (some men) know and or care about what version of Android they are using.

Male Android users outnumber female Android users by 2 or more to 1.

Female iPhone users outnumber male users, but not as dramatically as the Android gender gap.

We know far more Republican / Libertarian Android users than Democrats. The Dems we know are iPhone all the way.

So what gives? What explains the division? Just conjecture on our part, but it may have to do with the president. Obama has been in power as the iPhone has ascended to dominate society. Our side resents being dictated to by government. And what else is everywhere besides government? iPhones. So ergo, iPhones = Obama. While that may sound a little tongue-in-cheek, there is a little logic in it.