Does God Speak to First World Leaders?

He just might depending on who is elected in 2012. 

Michelle Bachmann has stated, time and again, that God has told her to do almost every significant thing she has ever done in her life. She has not said that she prayed for guidance and a path was revealed. Or that through faith and prayer she came to make certain decissions. No, she has said that God speaks directly to her and everthing He has told her to do, she has dutifully obeyed.

Mrs. Bachmann certainly has electrified the Tea Party when it comes to secular issues revolving around the debt and the sprawl of big government. Yet it is her celestial zeal that has those less devout conservatives more than a little worried. Would a newly elected President Bachmann govern by the will of the people, or would she view her election as divine providence? 

This is not meant to be snarky or to belittle faith, Mrs. Bachmann’s or others. People should be free to believe what they want, the world over. But it is striking to look around the globe and quickly realize that leaders of First World countries e.g. the most prosperous, educated and advanced coutries on the planet, only invoke God ceremonially; in times of certain peril or horrible tragedy.

However, there are plenty of leaders in a certain geographic region of the globe that not only invoke God, but claim to do his bidding. The Will of God is a daily component of Islamic life. By Western standards, Islamic life is viewed as represehive at best and totally vile at its worst. This may be due to the tennants of Islam itself, but it is not a strech to conclude that all other theocracies would be similar. Name one prosperous, advanced and free theocracy.

When God has your ear, mortal constituents seem irrelevant. When you carry out the word of God, opposition becomes blasphemy. When God runs a nation, democracy ceases to exist. 

Michelle Bachmann in her own words: