Does Rice Victory Signal Cliff Defeat?

I guess we’re kind of looking a gift horse in the mouth, but doesn’t Susan Rice’s withdrawl seem kind of easy and convenient? It was almost callous the way that the President was more than willing to put her on the battlements in the face of full McCain assault. He stood behind her so tenaciously. But what many saw as loyalty, now has been shown for the political cunning it was.

From the moment of the Rice – Benghazi fumble, Susan Rice was done and the administration knew it. But as our good friend Rahm knows, you never let a good crisis go to waste

So the President dangles Rice, like a piñata, in front of McCain. He allows the Republicans to fantasize about picking her carcass clean during an arduous confirmation process. And just as we appear to be plummeting over the fiscal cliff for lack of compromise, Ms. Rice bows out. It is no coincidence.

This is the canary in the dealmaking coal mine. Obama caved on Rice. What will the GOP have to cave on and by how much?