Don’t Be A Cud Chewer In 2013

Negatives continue to abound. So why do I expect stocks to shine in 2013? Because I’m not a cow, I’m a bull. Let me explain: Most negatives you hear about are well known and widely discussed, digested and already priced into stocks.

If it’s widely known, it’s either wrong or will have little impact on stocks. Fear of Europe? We’ve fretted over it for three years while stocks rose. Another Obama term—fully four years of fretting under our belts! The debt crisis—we will be fretting about that forever. Ken Fisher – Forbes – Click to read more…

Fisher dislikes Obama, Bush, Bush 43 and Bernanke, but says the market is doing well. Personally, I like the idea of putting some money in Amazon. Ticket symbol AMZN. – DSMW