DSMW To Cover Presidency 5

September 19th, 2011

Don’t Spread My Wealth to cover Presidency 5

Tampa, FL – Don’t Spread My Wealth (DSMW) will cover the Presidency 5 Straw Poll in Orlando, Florida, from the 22nd through the 24th of September, 2011. Presidency 5 is seen as the pivitol straw poll in the hotly contested race to be come the Republican presidential nominee.

“It’s both exciting and a privilege to be able to participate in such significant event and vote in the Florida Straw Poll that could shape the future of our nation” said Susan Massey, publisher of DSMW. “Florida has continued to play an increasingly more important role with each election and Presidency 5 has accurately determined the Republican nominee since 1979. I can’t imagine a more relevant and exciting event to report on than 2011 P5”

 Florida, the nation’s fourth most populous state, is seen as a barometer for the conservative party. Grass roots organizers realize that so goes Florida, so goes the nation. If a candidate is to go mainstream, they must reach out to Florida voters.

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