Egypt Can Never Turn Back

Social-networking sites are important—these are the only means we have to broadcast our thoughts and organize ourselves. Not surprisingly, the fact that Facebook and Twitter were instrumental in organizing these demonstrations agitated the authorities. So they did what dictators do: They shut down Twitter, as well as the websites of Al-Dostour and Al-Masry Al-Youm newspapers. Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and Blogspot have also been shut down intermittently.

This is the first time that the regime has so blatantly censored the Internet. These extraordinary measures show that the government is losing control. And the violent approach used to confront the demonstrators is evidence of further weakness. Mr. Mubarak may hang on. But Egypt will never be the same.

Kareem Amer, Egyptian resident, speaking on the denonstrations throughout Egypt. In Alexandria the streets were packed with thousands of young people as far as the eye could see. Amer is fearful of an Islamist takeover with the defeat of Hosni Mubarak.