Egyptian Emotions Run High While Iran Brace for Protest

“This is the first time I’ve felt joy like this,” “I’ve spent 17 days and nights in Tahrir, and I feel like I just woke up out of a nightmare that was Mubarak’s reign. The Egyptian people have pride, and we’ve realized our potential. We’re not the negative people everyone said we are. The youth aren’t simple-minded like they thought we were.”  said Egyptian Khaled Younes, 21 

Around Cairo, people hugged and kissed the soldiers who had come into the street two weeks earlier and allowed the demonstrations that the police had tried to suppress. The soldiers, who will have to shepherd any transition to democracy, were swept up as well. “Congratulations sir,” one soldier told an old man. “God willing, we’ll have an Egypt that will make you proud.” 

It’s easy to throw stones but it’s not easy to chart a new course. Our hard work begins tomorrow vows Ibrahim Haridy, an Egyptian accountant. Egyptians feel that they are living life at “half speed and now will live their lives at full speed.”

In Iran things are different. The Iranian government has taken extradonary measures since the uprisings have sweep across the Middle East last month to suppress dissent. It has executed one person every nine hours since Jan. 1, breaking the per capita world record. In January alone 87 people were executed.