ESPN Owes Curt Schilling, and America, an Apology

Screenshot 2015-08-26 17.01.46Yesterday, ESPN suspended Curt Schilling for telling the truth.

ESPN’s response was immediate, and just as mindlessly politically correct as you’d expect. “Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective,” ESPN said. “We made that point very strongly to Curt and have removed him from his current Little League assignment pending further consideration.” But what’s offensive about the truth? If anything, Schilling understated the extent of Islamic radicalism. While more than a million Muslims actually belong to radical militias, terrorist organizations, and the military forces of radical Islamic states, the number of Muslims with terrorist sympathies and radical beliefs number in the hundreds of millions.

The tweet that got Curt suspended:

Screenshot 2015-08-26 17.01.46(2)


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