Exclusive Interview With Daria DiGiovanni, The Conservative Diva

Daria’s back and she’s brought company. This time it is writer Frank Aquila. Frank’s new book “Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere” is due out in two weeks and Daria’s excited. “Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere” can be purchased through Amazon and other selected retailers and it’s at the top of our Conservative Diva’s reading list.

Frank’s story starts in the McClain campaign and northern California and quickly moves to Palin. Joan Swain, award winning author and journalist, has followed Frank’s career and like Daria, finds his story compeling.

Don’t miss these informal podcasts with Daria and Frank about Palin. You will soon realize there is a lot you don’t know about Ms. Palin and the future of the political process.

You can reach Daria via Twitter and her site theconservativediva.net. You can listen to Daria On Blog Talk Radio where she is co-host of Conservative Republican Forum