Far-left agitators call for death of ‘Nazi’ cops, scream at NYPD: ‘Hope all of your children get raped and killed’

Deplorable demonstrators hurled vicious slurs and made heinous remarks to the faces of NYPD officers on Saturday. Malicious members of an anti-Trump and “anti-fascist” mob wished death upon the children of police officers.

There was an anti-Trump march in Manhattan on Saturday against “racism” and fascism, where the crowd chanted: “Black lives matter!” The march was organized by the United Against Racism and Fascism NYC, a self-proclaimed “broad-based coalition in NYC opposing racism & bigotry, and united in solidarity & action against fascism.” The march was promoted by the “New York City Antifa” Twitter account.

At one point, the demonstration escalated, and the situation became physical. NYPD officers are seen detaining at least one person. The New York Post reported that three people were arrested as of 2 p.m. on Sunday.

(Content Warning: Graphic video)

Radical far-left agitators arrived and spewed extremely hateful and vile anti-cop rhetoric. “The only good cop is a dead cop,” one man screams. A woman echoes the anti-police sentiment and yells at police, adding derogatory comments about the cops’ mother and grandparents. Another man in the group calls the police “Nazi f***s.”

The woman with pink hair is seen viciously screeching at the police, “I hope all of your children get raped and killed.”

The mob chanted: “How do you spell NAZI? N-Y-P-D!”

One man challenges an NYPD officer and then meekly runs away once the cop starts heading towards him. The man nearly gets run over by an SUV as he timidly flees through an intersection.

On Saturday night, the New York City Antifa Twitter account informed its over 62,000 followers about various MAGA caravans that would be driving around New York City and New Jersey. The Antifa account even included routes that the pro-Trump car parades would take so that members of the far-left group could mobilize to disrupt the caravan.

On Sunday, Antifa members claimed that they forced the Trump caravan to alter its routes and celebrated the news.

There was a massive Trump caravan that stopped traffic on the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge.

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