Florida mom horrified to see what someone ‘zoom-bombed’ to her fourth grade son’s virtual classroom

Law enforcement officials are warning parents and others about an alarming new trend called “zoom-bombing” after a Florida mom reported seeing something horrible on her fourth grade son’s virtual classroom.

Claudia Reyes from Arcadia, Florida, told WFTS that she was washing dishes while her son Juan was in a video conference for his schooling during the coronavirus lockdown.

“He was logged in and I was doing the dishes and I started to hear bad words,” Reyes explained.

“I’m like ‘what’s going on are you on the chat or are you doing something else?’ And he said no I’m in the class,” she said.

When she went to see what was on his monitor, she said there was a pornographic video playing.

“I put my hand on the other side of the screen so he wouldn’t see anything, but I could see the other kids’ faces and they were like shocked,” Reyes said.

The teleconferencing company Zoom said that they are working to address issues of privacy in their software to prevent “zoom-bombing.” They said there are simple steps users can take to prevent most instances of “zoom-bombing.”

These incidents of harassment has grown so much that the FBI issued a warning about teleconferencing and online classroom hijacking.

“I mean the kids are already going through a lot like having to do this from home and then this on top of that, it’s crazy,” Reyes concluded.

Here’s a local news video about the bizarre occurrence:

[embedded content] Florida mom says son’s Zoom classroom conference interrupted by strangers, pornography video www.youtube.com

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