For People Like You That Keep It Turned On

On Monday I hosted a special edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show with a very special guest, Rush’s beloved Kathryn, answering questions from listeners – and revealing the Elton John song she played to him in his final days. I kicked things off:

MARK: Let me exercise moderator’s privilege and ask a first question to get us going, back to when you first met, because, as Rush tells it, you were working for the Gary Player Foundation. Mr. Player is the legendary South African golfer, greatest South African golfer of all time, and his foundation raises a lot of money for children, and you were told to invite Rush to some event and you weren’t particularly keen to do it because all you knew about Rush came from the lefty media. That’s how Rush told it. Is that your version of events too?

KATHRYN: Unfortunately, that is right, yes. (laughing) Well, I was working for Gary Player. I had lived overseas a majority of my life and always loved South Africa and met Gary Player and loved all of what he was doing with children. And so, yes, I was running his foundation at the time. And we were organizing a large celebrity golf tournament at the Floridian, Wayne Huizenga’s former Floridian place, and Rush was one of the guests that was introduced to me as a possibility to make the list of possible A-Listers. And, believe it or not, I put him down on maybe B or C — (laughing) — just based on what I thought I knew of him…

Fortunately for him, Rush moved up the rankings from there.

Kathryn did a magnificent job today. I was assuming it would all be too overwhelming and she’d have to bail twenty minutes in, but she stayed taking calls for two hours with such poise and grace and generosity.

In between, we reflected on Rush’s faith in God, his final Christmas show, a basic Limbaugh life lesson, and the strangely fluid nature of Rush’s Top Ten Female Names. Click below to listen:

The Rush Limbaugh Show, with Rush’s magnificent voice, returns tomorrow at noon Eastern Time.

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