France: Civil War?

160714215848-truck-nice-full-169Could The Terror Attack In Nice Push France Into A Civil War?

France is likely to be the first European country to experience societal upheaval and a radical reordering as a result of immigration. There are signs such an upheaval is already underway.

On Thursday evening, France was once again the target of a terrorist attack. A commercial truck ploughed into revelers gathered in Nice to celebrate France’s national holiday, Bastille Day, while the driver, and possibly other accomplices, shot into the crowd as they drove. Details are still emerging, but as of this writing77 people are feared dead and hundreds more are injured. French police fired on the truck, killing the driver.

Images of the attack posted to social media Thursday night showed bodies strewn in the streets, scores of people running for safety along the waterfront, and the attackers’ truck riddled with bullet holes.

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