Goodbye Mitch

Life has a way of making things interesting. Just when you think the GOP has the 2012 election in the bag, their best candidate Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, drops out. Daniels, who has spent a lifetime of public service and a timeline directed at the 2012  presidential moment, declined for family reasons. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the Daniel’s home during that discussion.

The GOP is now scrambling to get behind former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty who announced his candidacy Monday. Pawlenty, a well thought of conservative Midwesterner and Tea Party favorite, is the next best choice. He lacks the track record of Daniels, but he is well thought of in libertarian circles and he can beat Obama. if you missed the South Carolina debates you missed seeing the two ultimate contenders in the 2012 race, Pawlenty and Herman Cain. Cain, a businessman and political outsider, won the early debate hands down and his Horatio Alger story is tailor-made for national consumption. Cain’s personal force is unstoppable.

The good news is Republican strategists still agree, despite Obama’s recent bounce in the polls, he is beatable. Confidence in the economy is still low and the percentage of Americans who say the economy is on the wrong track is at high levels that few incumbents historically have survived. – DSMW