Google Search results now continuously scroll on desktop

Google is giving its search results on desktop the “continuous scrolling” treatment over a year after launching the feature on mobile. Continuous scrolling will eliminate the need to click “Next” or the page numbers at the bottom of your search results. Instead, Google will automatically load the next batch of results on the page once you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the current list. If you use Google on mobile, the feature will feel very familiar. 

The tech giant has confirmed the rollout to Search Engine Land and told the publication that its website will automatically show up to six pages of results before you need to click a “More results” button to load the next batches. Its arrival on desktop will make the Google search experience more consistent across devices and platforms. “So starting today, we’re bringing continuous scrolling to desktop so you can continue to see more helpful search results with fewer clicks. It’s now even easier to get inspired with more information at your fingertips,” a company spokesperson said. 

Similar to the mobile version of the feature, it will initially be available for English queries in the US and will most likely make its way to more people and more regions in the future. 

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