Government is not evil.  Neither are cancer cells.  The only problem with either is uncontrolled growth.   When allowed to grow both crowd out the normal activity of the host body;   the human body or the private sector of the body politic.  Too much growth of either cancer cells or government, and we know the result.

“All government bureaucracies have powerful incentives to grow, regardless of whether or not such growth actually serves the public. Every bureaucrat is inherently an empire builder, because that is how he advances in his career. The route to promotion in managing a bigger and better-paying bureaucracy is to prove that one can “manage” a large number of people.”

And since there are no profits or shareholders in government, bureaucrats “profit” personally by spending taxpayers’ dollars lavishly on perquisites – a large staff, travel, office space, etc.   Thus, there are built-in incentives to maximize the number of subordinate bureaucrats, regardless of what this may mean for public service.  Cost maximization characterizes all government bureaucracies,  as opposed to cost minimization in the private, competitive markets.

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