He Could a Been A Contender

Andrew CuomoClose up, Andrew Cuomo had his flaws. But as a newcomer to the national stage, he looked a big winner—and he was. In just two years, the New York governor had whipped the country’s worst-run capital into shape, pared its $10 billion deficit, balanced two on-time budgets in a row and passed marriage equality—here was a contender indeed.

It was late 2012, and Hillary Clinton, her tour of duty as secretary of state just concluded, seemed the inevitable front-runner for 2016, the one Democratic candidate Andrew wouldn’t take on.

But there were suddenly health issues. Exhausted after four years of shuttle diplomacy, Clinton had incurred a stomach virus that left her dehydrated, so much so that one night in mid-December 2012, she collapsed at home, alone. When she finally got to a hospital, her doctors diagnosed a concussion and kept a close watch on it. On Sunday, December 30, 2012, they detected a blood clot in a vein called the right transverse sinus, behind her right ear, between the brain and the skull. Had the clot gone untreated, it might have caused a stroke or brain hemorrhage. Three days later, Hillary was released from New York-Presbyterian Hospital flanked by her husband and daughter, looking tired but relieved.

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