Donald Pleasants

It is informative to compare how the Republicans and Democrats deal with the basic moral issue of honesty and dishonesty.   When Herman Cain appears to have covered up the truth Republican support for his candidacy waned and he was voted off the island.   When Bill Clinton was forced to admit his outright whoppers and cover-up the Democrats celebrated his ability to mislead and made him into an elder statesman.    Joan Rivers had it right:  no matter how cynical you get, you can’t keep up.

            A more recent example of Democrats disregard for truth is Vice President Biden’s recent assertion that, due to local government budget cuts “the result…has been…murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up,” Even the Washington Post calls this statement “absurd.”   The facts are quite the opposite of Biden’s claim.  Violent crime has actually fallen by 47% since 1992.    In the early 1990s the nation’s crime rate reached new highs at 758 violent crimes for every 100,000 Americans.   After 1992 and continuing on through 2008, the Department of Justice Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies reports that stated and local governments actually increased the numbers of law enforcement personnel by one-third to more than 1.1 million.

            President Obama carries on the tradition.   As part of the jobs bill debate in the fall, the administration released a report suggesting that 280,000 teachers would lose their jobs unless the bill was passed, due to underfunding in education by state and local governments.   Again, the facts are much different.   Spending in public schools has increased from $2,831 per student each year in 1961, adjusted for 2010 dollars, up to an impressive $10,500 today according to the National Center for Education Statistics.   A large part of this increase has gone to hire more teachers – read public union employees subject to dues withholding in part to fund Democrat candidates.   Enough teachers have been added to the schools that average class sizes have been reduced from 26.5 students per teacher in 1955, to only 15.6 students per teacher in 2010.   And still more people have been added to beef up the public workers union rolls, from administrative personnel to teaching assistants to social workers and counselors.   Teachers made up 67% of all education workers in 1955.   Today, in spite of the rapid rise in the number of teachers, enough support personnel have been hired to make teachers only 40% of the presently existing 8 million local school system employees.

            How to reconcile the different approaches to honesty and dishonesty,  fact and fiction, truth-telling and dissembling.   We know that socialist dogma tells us that you have to break a few eggs to make and omelet and that the end justifies the means.   You could also observe that Republicans as conservatives want to make things work,  and to make things work you have to recognize and respect reality.   Is it possible that the Democrats don’t want to make things work, but are interested only in political power,  and for that purpose truth, facts, and reality are just a nuisance?

            Whatever the reason it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that…Hey Mom…The Democrats are lying again!